Content delivery

Fast as possible

Deliver content directly to user


Easy to use

Easy start


DDoS mitigation

Working site under DDoS atack

Do what you need

Connect anytime

Static cache


  • All popular file formats
  • Realtime billing
  • All geo locations
S3 Cache

Savings on S3-traffic

  • All popular S3-providers
  • As many buckets as possible
  • Customizable headers

Stream your video to the world

  • Low-Latency HLS / DASH
  • Transcoding
  • Video on demand

Protect your site

  • Predefined rules
  • Custom rules
  • Notifications
Converting ot webp/webm

Transform all your media on-the-fly

  • Simple API
  • Popular formats
  • Online modifications

Mitigation DDoS attacks

  • Notifications
  • Easy to connect
  • Online reports


Make your mark on the product industry

Data transfer service for users from all over the world with maximum content loading speed. In terms of content delivery technologies, we are closest to the user, which means he receives information, reacts and interacts with the world faster.

A CDN blurs the boundaries between the user and the content provider, reducing the costs of communication channels, employees and content generator capacity What happens when using a CDN? The web server response time rarely exceeds 10 ms, which allows you to deliver content to all Internet users as quickly as possible The user load is distributed evenly between network servers CDN allows you to withstand almost any load, reduces the effectiveness of DDoS attacks, and acts as a traffic balancer CDN provides resistance to any surges in site traffic and unlimited possibilities for processing user requests What happesn to your auditory? Reaching the target audience - CDN provides additional points of presence and maximizes network coverage. The content provider always knows exactly what content is in high demand and from which audience.


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